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 We aim to develop the children’s own natural curiosity in the world around and to develop careful investigation and exploratory skills. Through these we endeavour to extend understanding and knowledge of a wide variety of natural physical phenomena including living things, the earth, materials and energy and forces.

 Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1

 Science begins with asking questions and investigating the world around through first hand observation. The children will be involved in simple investigations, as a group and as individuals. This will enable them to discover the nature of materials and how the natural world functions. Basic recording skills will be developed. Children will be encouraged to appreciate the physical and natural world.

 Lower Key Stage 2

 From early questioning children will be supported in making predictions and in designing and carrying out investigative science work. They will study the aspects of fair testing and begin to control variables. Again they will explore a wide variety of natural and physical phenomena through every day experiences or in the context of wider topics. Further recording techniques will be explored and children will learn to form reasoned conclusions. Children will be developing their appreciation and understanding of the world around them.

 Upper Key Stage 2

 Children will be expected to make predictions and design and carry out investigative experiments to test their ideas and observations. They will be taught to identify and control variables to ensure tests are fair. Through the exploration of a wide variety of natural and physical processes they will experience many recording techniques. The use of Computing will be included in this process. Investigation may well be part of wider topics, including other subject areas. The children will learn the skills of co-operation, whilst emphasis is placed upon safety and care for their environment.

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