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Forest School

We believe that outdoor learning is a key element in providing an exceptional education.  We hold weekly Forest School sessions for all of our children and have access to exceptional resources and equipment including our very own tepee.  We are very lucky to have a ‘third classroom’ which is easily accessible woodland adjacent to the school. The Forest School sessions are led by teaching staff who have received extensive training through the National Forest School Scheme. 

"Forest School is an inspirational process that offers ALL learners regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in a woodland or natural environment with trees."


Some of the learning we have achieved so far:

This year we are all working together to achieve our Discovery John Muir Awards.


Since November 2016 the pupils and teachers have taken part in a range of activities demonstrating and enhancing their love, respect and care for the outdoor environment.


To achieve the John Muir Award we have to complete four activities under the following challenge headings: Discover, Explore, Conserve and Share. 


Here is our Discovery John Muir Award journey...

John Muir

We researched who John Muir was and why we are given awards in his honour. The children created a mind map to display in our outdoor learning notebooks. 

Den building 

We started making small dens for creatures that lived in the forest so they would be sheltered from the snow and freezing temperatures. Then we created shelters for ourselves during our survival sessions. 

Survival Skills

We were inspired by Bear Grylls to further understand and explore survival in our school forest. We researched and experimented with shelter, food, water, fire and rescue. This is a picture of us creating our own water filters from recycled materials and we then tested the ph level of the water before and after filtration. We found out that the stream running through our forest has low ph levels and is safe to drink.

Litter picking

We safely pick up the litter from our school forest and school grounds every half term. On our first attempt, we were shocked to find plastic, tins and a toy car tyre within our collection of litter. We had two full bags of litter!! We created posters that we have displayed around our school grounds to stop people from littering our school grounds. 

Our second litter pick showed that our posters must be working as we collected half a bag full but this is still not good enough! We will complete another litter pick soon and we hope there is NO LITTER.

Leaf Hunt

We went on a walk around our local environment, identifying and discussing the different leaves and trees we found. We then created leaf men using the leaves we had collected from the ground.

RSPB Big Birdwatch

In January we took part in the RSPB Big Birdwatch. We observed, listened and recorded our sightings in two locations: School Forest and School Field over an hour. Our most commonly sighted bird was the Robin and Wood Pigeon but we were surprised when we saw a flock of seagulls fly by. 

Seasonal Walk

We always take part in a seasonal walk around our local environment as the seasons change. The children thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to look closely at changes and discuss them with their friends (link them to their gardens).

Valentines Hearts

The children wanted to create their Valentines Day cards differently this year. They decided to create love hearts using natural materials they found in our school forest.  We made sure we put the materials back to their original places so we didn't disturb the habitats and wildlife.

Map Time

The children and staff are currently exploring and discovering maps relating to our local area as we live in the Heart of the Yorkshire Dales. The children are going to be creating maps of the school grounds and forest. We will share them on this page so please check during April. 


Every half term we take part in a litter pick around our local area to support the wildlife and natural beauty of the Yorkshire Dales. 

Every children monitor and fill up when needed bird feeders in our School Forest. We have a range of food available including: wild seed mix, fat balls and raisins.

Every half term the children create their own hanging bird feeders using wild bird seed and coconut oil. 

Create poster campaigns to persuade the community to take care of the environment. 


Valentine Day Forest Heart


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