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December 2017

Train to Teach Letter

Assessment and Testing information for parents

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Fun in the Forest

We've had some fun in our forest this term with Richmond Methodist reception pupils.

We have shared stories and treats in the tepee and then explored, discovered and listened.

Firstly, we had to find the 'Room on the Broom' characters that had hidden in our forest from the dragon. We had to keep counting them because they were hiding and flying away!

Then, we discovered some sounds of the forest and listened to how they changed . We found stickmen (thin and thick) and used them to discover hidden sounds (instruments and natural).

Finally, we will be learning about the animals that live in our forest and their habitats. The pupils will create some animals using clay and natural resources to live in our forest. 

Sound of the ForestSound of the Forest


Local Cross Country

KS2 pupils took part in the Local Cross Country tournament against primary schools .

The children did exceptionally well against both large and small school in North Yorkshire. 

The majority of our pupils positioned in the top fifty within their Year Groups.

Lily (Year 4) came ninth and this means she qualifies for the next round which is the regional tournament taking place at the end of March. 











Arkengarthdale in the Teesdale Mercury.

Martin Paul visited the school a couple of weeks ago so he could write an article for the Teesdale Mercury. His report was published on page 16, in the 18th of January's weekly edition. 

The article is pictured above but you can read it on the Teesdale Mercury's blog using the following link


Christmas Craft Afternoon

We invited our famillies to join us in a fun afternoon of making Christmas craft gifts. There were many activties, here are some of the things we got up to:

Mrs Martin was making stocking so we could share our sewing skills;

Miss Postlethwaite shared her lovely baked biscuits for us to decorate;

and Miss Metcalfe supported us to make stars using our knot skills with sticks from our forest.


Our Christmas Nativity Play - Are We Nearly There Yet?
The children did extremely well and they remembered all of the songs and personal parts.
"The play so really good and I enjoyed the singing" Emily, Year 4
"I liked being an angel and giving the presents to baby Jesus" Daisy, Reception
"I liked walking down the middle isle as a wiseman looking through my telescope and I liked falling over on the stage" Toby, Year 2
"I was really worried about not remembering my lines but I found on the night it was great and I remembered them all" Hannah, Year 5

The audience had travelled far and wide to enjoy the show and were extremely proud and fully entertained.
"The school play was one of the best I have seen (there’s been 18 of them!).  The children may have been small in number but were big in heart and soul – they put everything in to the performance.  I was so impressed with how word perfect each and everyone was, not only with their narration but the words of the songs, and there were a lot of them.  The singing was so tuneful, it was all delightful.  Their timing was perfect and there was just the right amount of humour." Mrs Lundberg (former parent and governor).


Christmas time at Arkengarthdale School

We have turned our School into a Christmas Grotto


Our Spooky Fun Day

On the 31st of October, we had a fun spooky day and we all dressed up.

In Literacy we wrote Halloween poems; in Maths we did some multiplying and sharing with pumpkins and bats.

In the afternoon,we went into our dark scary forest and played some spooky games. Then we played hide and seek and looked for tasty camouflaged treats.

"It was fun, finding the choclates that were hidden around the forest" Lily, Year 4.

"My favourite thing was finding the chocolates and eating them"Emily, Year 4.

Spooky stories in forestSpooky stories in forest


Ralph's Quad Kids Report

During the Quad Kids final tournament we had our own school reporter RALPH and he followed us taking pictures and making notes about the events.

He created a report and entered in into the Quad Kids competition. We are super proud of his detailed report and so were the judges because he came THIRD!!!


Read Ralph's report here

Summer of Sporting Acheivements

Throughout Summer we have been involved in many sporting competitons within the County. We have COMPETED AT A VERY HIGH LEVEL FOR AN EXTREMELY SMALL SCHOOL. We have gone to many County Finals after winning local tournaments!


Quad Kids (16th June)

We all competed in each year group against other schools in the Richmondshire region. We were successful in the small schools category coming second so we went to the finals on the 20th June.

We competed against eleven other small schools (Less than 100 pupils) in North Yorkshire and we came seventh. While we were there we got the opportunity to meet a paralympic champion 'Steven Miller'.


Cricket (8th June)

The Year 3 and 4 pupils competed against many other schools in Richmondshire. They came first and were through to the North Yorkshire Finals. They won their group at the Finals and ended up third out of the County (400 schools). 


Tennis (25th May)

The Year 3 and 4 pupils competed against many other schools in Richmondshire. They came first out of many other local schools.


Queen's 90th Birthday

We held a community event at school on Friday 10th June. The community were entertained by the children through a ukulele concert; maypole dancing and a prayer. Thank you to the CB Inn for providing scones and refreshments.

Summer Teepee Toddler Event


All the events went very well and it was great to have foundation children from Richmond Methodist School join us. We all made new friends and had lots of fun searching for bugs; making bug hotels and creating dens for our teddy bears.




Arkengarthdale Wildlife Watch

This year we installed a special bird box (with a camera) in our school yard. We are hoping to see some birds in it and maybe some baby chicks in May or June.

Miss Metcalfe noticed some birds flying around the bird box this morning so we looked on the camera monitor.
We have been observing the box all day and we have seen two blue tits: a male and a female. They are making a nest with ferns, twigs and sticks.

"They are moving their wings in the box" Toby
"I think they are using their wings to move the twigs and leaves to the side of the box" Miss Metcalfe
"This is so cool!" Beatrice
"Look it has a blue head and a yellow tummy. That is definetly a blue tit." George looking at the bird spotting poster.


Helping our environment.

This week Michael Briggs, a Yorkshire Dales Park Ranger, came to help us plant some trees in our school field. He told us that they will take many years to grow and become strong so we need to take care of them.

When we planted them we used a garden cane and a tree protection cover so rabbits would not eat them.

We planted lots of different trees: Rowan, Birch, Hawthorn and Hazel.


"The plants will be there for many years, for our lives and other children at the school" Arthur

"We have to have protecters to keep the plants safe from animals nibbling them." Beatrice

"I planted a tree that has itchy powder on it" Sid

"It was really fun, especially when we were planting it" Izzy

"We put protection tubes around the trees so that animals didn't eat them" Hannah

"We put the tubes around them so rats, mice and rabbits don't eat them" Issac




Sport Relief Community Event - This year we are doing ourselves proud!!!

On Thursday 17th March we went on a walk in the dale. We were going to walk from school to the top of Windegg Hill which is opposite the school. However due to pupil illnesses we are rescheduling the big walking event till Summer.

We did still go for a walk but not as far as Windegg Hill, we went to Scar House. We enjoyed a lovely picnic lunch and the pupils did some sketching while we sat on the hillside looking out across the dale.

World Book Day 2016

We made the most of the sunshine and took part in a walk and read event.
The children and teachers brought in their favourite books to read along the way as we walked through Arkengarthdale.
We read in lots of interesting and fun ways: by a river, on a hill, on a bridge, walking backwards and while getting a piggyback.
All the children and teachers had an enjoyable, fun and memorable morning.


Sport Relief Community Event - This year we are doing ourselves proud!!!

Thursday 17th March we are hosting a walking event in the dale. We are going to walk from school to the top of Windegg Hill which is opposite the school and back again.
We will be setting off at 9.30am, having lunch when we reach the top and then hopefully be back at school by the end 3pm.


Celebration Time

We are delighted to congratulate Kath Hollingworth and Barbara Birks on their long services to school.
Kath Hollingsworth has been our receptionist for THIRTY YEARS and has been invited to a celebration ceremony to honour her service to the school.
Barbara Birks has been our dinner lady for TWENTY YEARS and continues to encourage good manners and healthy eating within the school.

Tales and Tea in the Tepee.


All three of the sessions were a huge success with many parents and toddlers enjoying and achieving while engaged in fun activities provided by Class 1 and teachers.


"I'd like to say a big thank you to Miss Metcalfe, Mrs Brown & the other members of your team that have made Megan & I feel very welcome during our time spent at the teepee activities. Megan has definitely enjoyed the interaction with the  KS1 children that have done an equally good job welcoming ourselves & the others that have attended the activities into their classroom and forest."

Bev Hammerton


We will be organising more community tepee events in the New Year. There will be more information on our website and local advertisement about these future events. 


Thank you to all the toddlers and parents who attended the tepee mornings and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year. 

The Legend of Arkengarthdale Castle


The School Christmas Concert will be on Friday 11th December, 6pm at St Mary's Church. ALL ARE WELCOME TO THE EVENT!


We are all excited to read and perform our amazing story that has been written and edited by us for your enjoyment. It will include music, singing, artwork, drama and emotive story telling.

An exciting school advert

Last week pupils and staff took part in making a professional school advertising video.  We were incredibly lucky to working with the UK's leading drone aerial imagery specialists, B B Stratus.  Angus and his colleague Darren gave us a demonstration of flying the drone and then spent the rest of the day filming us learning and playing in the outdoor environment. We are really excited and can't wait to see the film when it is finished.


"It sounds like a thousand bees buzzing!" Isaac

"WOW that is so cool" Emily


We learnt lots about this drone that Angus had made himself for his company.

"How much does it cost?" Oliver

All together there is about £40,000 of equipment. The cradle that stabilises the camera, is worth £10,000 on its own. 


"Have you ever crashed it?" Henry

Yes I have but it wasn't too damaged and no one was hurt. 


"How high can it go?" Tom

It can go to about 1,900 feet but I have a license for it to only go 500 feet. We are the only company with a license to use it so close to the public. 


For more information about BB Stratus please visit their website below:















Willow arch building and felting.

On Monday and Tuesday a lady called Emma came into school and worked with us to build willow arches on the field and make lovely mats made from sheep fleece.

It was a lot of hard work making the willow arches as we had to dig lots of holes, remove the stones and make sure the soil was soft. Then we were able to bend and secure the willow into an arch shape - we created 5 arches in total​. ​

We enjoyed making the mats using the sheep fleece, it took a lot of cleaning and rinsing. 

"We have to be careful because the books are really old. It is broken at the end." George